Drone Photos

A Game of Drones.

Ever since earning the “Photographer” badge in Cubs at the age of 10 I have used photography as a creative outlet. I remember when I was at school a kid in my year used to build model aeroplanes and attach cheap film cameras to them. I was fraught with jealousy at the blurry, grainy images he used to get developed. Fast-forward 20 years to a time when good, reliable flying cameras [drones] are a thing, I knew they were going to become my next obsession.

I love the unique perspective a drone gives you access to. I favour a straight-down 90 degree angle, looking for natural or accidental line, symmetry and texture – something I have come to call "abstract aerial art". I feature my latest work on Instagram, and have been lucky enough to have my work featured on @hypebeast, @voyaged, @9gag and in the lovely Allegory Ridge magazine.

In 2017 I took this hobby one step further and gained my "wings", qualifying as CAA Certified UAV pilot. This means I can shoot content with a drone for work as well as play.

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