Here East

London's new home for making.

The former Press and Broadcast Centres for the London 2012 Olympic Games served 20,000 broadcasters and journalists from around the world. After the Olympics, it needed to be repurposed, and over 200 organisations applied to develop it. Boris Johnson wanted a snow park; our clients wanted a tech campus.

Working collaboratively with agency dn&co we defined Here East as the new spiritual home for the individuals and companies embracing 'making' and modern manufacturing dubbed the Internet of Things.

Our audience was a burgeoning community of 'makers' in East London and beyond, who have firmly grasped the opportunity to develop 'IoT' connected products, or are already using advanced prototyping tools like Arduino, 3D printers and cloud-based software engineering. Here East would be a place where small and big businesses came together to learn from each other, collaborate and create the products of the future.

The identity was designed to be generative, connected and, importantly, reflect a 'made' aesthetic. It draws directly from the disruptive nature of these technology-driven businesses, and represents Here East’s position as the first place of its kind, down to the bespoke brand typography.