Pokémon GO

Go Catch the Chaos

The brief was to create a campaign that would reignite the cultural phenomenon of Pokémon GO across the UK and Germany, reinvigorating lapsed users as well as attracting new players. It had to work across a sliding scale of interest that resonated with both casual & hardcore gamers.

We wanted to connect with people during potential distraction moments and influence them to get their phones out and play Pokémon GO. The creative strategy was to create a sense of gaming urgency by using every potential player’s personal context to drive Pokémon Go FOMO and encourage them to get involved.

The idea was to play on the mischievous characteristics of Pokémon and add them to the context of a variety of topical events and happenings in the real world (i.e. weather, road works, transport delays, news events) and 'blaming' it on the Pokémon.