Social Hub

A behind the scenes suite of realtime social data monitoring tools.

EE realised they could use social media both reactively – to address customer services issues as they arise – and proactively for marketing purposes. The question was how to place this thinking at the heart of the organisation. The solution was to set up a social media "hub" to monitor, coordinate, manage and evaluate social media and feed back intelligence into the business. I designed the monitoring and management tools for this hub.

The Social Hub is able to track the social performance of all the major UK mobile network operators, across a range of critical topics, enabling EE to spot and respond quickly to emerging issues. In contrast to traditional social monitoring tools, the Social Hub’s simple, clear design enables users across the business to track the issues they care about, as they happen. A great bonus to the project was also envisaging the Social Hub's space within EE's Paddington offices where the lights in the room change colour depending on customer sentiment determined by the system on social.